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Library Reopening

Library Adventures - Grease Monkey Robots

Battle Bunny bookcover, Robot, and a Rocket in Space

Explore, Construct, Create, and Grow! For students and caregivers grades Kindergarten through 5th grade (2017-2018 school year). Registration required.

Join us at Plover, Rosholt, and Almond Branch Libraries for hands-on activity and exploration. Get your hands dirty as we explore the theme "Build a Better World."

Grease Monkey Robots  

Deconstruct appliances & build robots

Plover: June 22 @1:30

Rosholt: June 22 @ 4:00            

Almond: June 23 @ 1pm

Rocket Launch

Design, construct, and blast off!

Plover: June 29 @ 1:30

Rosholt: June 29 @ 4:00

Book Demolition

Make beautiful art from ugly books

Plover: July 13 @ 1:30

Rosholt: July 13 @ 4:00

Fire Station Visit

View fire trucks up close

Plover: July 20 @ 1:30, off-site at Plover Fire Station (2400 Post Road)

Rosholt: July 20 @ 4:00, off-site at Rosholt Fire Station

Upcycled Architecture

Create cool buildings with recyclables

Plover: July 27 @ 1:30

Rosholt: July 27 @ 4:00             

Almond: July 6 @ 10am